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The importance of reviewing your keywords negative list

A task that everyone is well aware of it’s importance, but nevertheless many of us seem to struggle to accomplish on a regular basis, or at the least often enough that unwanted spend doesn’t affect the account’s performance. Reviewing the SQR should be really be at the top of the list, to spot any mismatch…

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5 tips for writing text ads in AdWords

Follow these 5 tips for writing successful text ads for your AdWords campaign: Highlight what makes you unique Use a call-to-action Include sale terms Match your ad to your keywords. Match your ad to your landing page For more ideas on how to make your AdWords ads more effective, and see how Search Tribe can help…

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Create a Gmail Ads Campaign in AdWords in Under 5 Minutes

Learn how to create a Gmail Ads Campaign in your AdWords account. This video takes you through the process and covers important things to remember:

5 tactics to supercharge your advertising in 2017

Here are 5 tactics that will help you starting 2017 the right way: Refresh ad copy and site links Setup a test and learn program – matrix doc attached Setup audience lists in Google Analytics Setup re marketing Put end date and frequency cap

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