Search Marketing Management

Our Search Marketing services include:

+ Keyword Reserach to identify most relevant terms
+ Campaign Setup in Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo
+ Daily Campaign Management with bid adjustment and creative review
+ Daily Campaign Optimisation to maximise performance, online traffic, leads and sales
+ Online 24/7 Reporting on agreed KPIs

Social Media Marketing Management

Our Social Media Marketing services include:

+ Creation of Posts in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
+ Campaign Setup on all above Social Media networks
+ Daily Campaign Management of the ads
+ Daily Campaign Optimisation to boost performance and maximise targets
+ Online 24/7 Reporting on agreed KPIs

We help you drive new customers, leads & sales to boost your business

Leave it to us to take care of your Search and Social Media Marketing campaigns.

With affordable fully managed solutions starting from $399 per month, you can maximise the online traffic and ROI from Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Search advertising that gets you leads from consumers who are ready to buy.

  • +  Placement of your Ads on the major Search Engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • +  Customised Keyword Lists relevant to your business
  • +  Expert Writing of Text Ads
  • +  Search Ads for Desktop and Mobile devices
  • +  Ads Optimised for Mobile Searches
  • +  Daily Optimisation of Search Ads
  • +  Landing Page Testing
  • +  Tracking of Calls generated from Google
  • +  Search Marketing Specialists
  • +  Digital Marketing Consultant dedicated to your Account
  • +  Ongoing Web Presence & Performance Reviews
  • +  Automated Reporting available online 24/7

Targeted Facebook advertising with strong call to actions that are customised to your business goals utilising creative ad designs and strategies to optimise their results.

  • +  Facebook advertising solution
  • +  Full campaign setup and ad creative
  • +  Setup and management of advertising on Instagram and Twitter (optional)
  • +  Precise Audience Segmentation and Targeting
  • +  Direct response campaigns: Website clicks, Call or Get Direction
  • +  Facebook engagement campaigns: Likes, Shares, Comments
  • +  Monthly reporting

Banner advertising that builds brand awareness and gets you in front of your target consumers.

  • +  Setup and Management of Performance and Awareness Campaigns
  • +  Extensive Reach on the Top Online Sites and Networks
  • +  Optimisation of Campaigns and Ads Based on Your Advertising Goals
  • +  Dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant
  • +  Mobile specific campaigns
  • +  Landing page testing
  • +  Ongoing Web Presence & Performance Reviews
  • +  Banner Ad Creative (optional and additional cost)
  • +  Online Reporting available to you 24/7

Display advertising that keeps your business top of mind with consumers who searched for related products or visited your site.

  • +  Setup and Integration of Retargeting Tags
  • +  Campaign setup and Management
  • +  Extensive Reach on the Top Online Sites and Networks
  • +  Dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant
  • +  Precise Audience Segmentation for Exact Targeting
  • +  Ads Retargeted to Website Visitors
  • +  Ongoing Web Presence & Performance Reviews
  • +  Mobile Campaigns
  • +  Landing Page testing
  • +  Online Reporting available 24/7
  • +  Banner Ad Creative (optional and additional cost)

For ideas on how to ENERGISE YOUR CAMPAIGNS in 2017 to make your AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads more effective, and see how Search Tribe can help you to maximise your return on investment



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