Online Search Growth for Native Flowers

This post is the first one of a mini series of articles dedicated to Valentine’s Day and the marketing opportunity for online flowers delivery companies.

Search and Social Media marketing should be at the core of the strategic approach to capture sales and revenue online, so we thought we’d help with some little insights.

In Australia in the past 5 years online searches on Google for ‘native flowers’ have grown at a rapid pace, as shown in the graph below from Google Trends.

Searches for t’native flowers’ for the past 5 years are represented by the blue line.

The chart also shows how the growth compares to searches for ‘lilies’ (in red) in the same time period.

Whilst searches for lilies have been diminishing in time people looking for ‘native flowers’ have grown – this is a clear opportunity for those companies that can embrace the trend.

Finally, can you guess what is the flower in the picture?


Posted on January 15, 2017 in Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Valentine's Day Flowers

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