Refresh ad copy & site links

An often neglected part of many search campaigns, ad copy and site links don’t get refreshed regularly enough.

This might be due to the fact that majority of users opt in for the optimised option in AdWords, so that the system automatically start showing the creative with higher click through rates more often.  Although this is certainly a very helpful feature it might lead to few challenges:

  • ad copy not refreshed with new creative to test alongside the best performing ones
  • no regular testing / no Test & Learn Plan
  • old copy rarely showing due to low performance, but still in the account – which might lead to having hundreds of creative but few only active
  • old site links
    • not refreshed regularly
    • not showing for seasonal offers / pages

Our advise in 3 actions:

  1. clean the account
    1. download an ad copy report
    2. identify the old inactive creative with low performance, or that has been paused for very long time and it is now irrelevant to your current campaign
    3. delete any creative that can be safely removed
  2. do the same for the site links
  3. create a Test & Learn Plan with new ad copy and site links

Posted on December 30, 2016 in Search Marketing

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