You will always have a team leader acting as Project Manager.
Working across complicated projects which can involve several stakeholders, often constrained by tight turnaround times means that being the utmost organised is paramount in order to come in on time and on budget.  It is also crucial to us that we are 100% transparent.  Collaboration is key and we focus on true team work that involves us as much as it involves you.
We prefer face to face, but email and online sharing tools or forms of communication are important. As such you can find us on:

+ Skype – for instant messaging and phone/video conference
+ Slack – for team messaging
+ Yammer – for enterprise communication (as an alternative to email)

Online collaboration Tools which provide us and you 24/7 real time access, availability from any location and no downtime. A few examples of the software we use are:
+ Basecamp
+ Google Drive
+ Google Docs
+ Trello
Sadly despite claiming data and automation are at the core of what they do, there are still many agencies that use junior resource such as Account Analysts and Executives to work endless hours on compiling reports.
We don’t believe that our time (and your money!) should be spent manually pulling data and information to compile reports.  That time is much more valuable to you and us if it is spent on analysing the data to extract actionable insights and use these to make informed recommendations and drive strategic decisions. As such we use automated solutions like Supermetrics which can leverage on connecting data sources to Google Docs via APIs and allows us to create real-time dashboards available to you online at any time:

+ Get your metrics from various sources (Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Webmaster Tools) into spreadsheets and documents
+ Schedule an automatic daily refresh or refresh the data by a click of a button when you need the latest figures
+ Add dynamic charts that update when you refresh your queries
+ Schedule automatic emailing or take advantage of Google’s sharing options to give others access to your reports and dashboards
+ Fast and easy-to-use interface makes it simple to get data

We believe in full transparency and accountability and so we will always provide detailed breakdowns of where we spent our time, on which tasks and when.



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